AGM Cancelled

For reasons beyond our control the March 27th meeting for the AGM has been cancelled. For more details see previous post.



Update & AGM


It's been a long time since the last post on this blog, and the reason for that? We have been very busy

Election reflections

This is one of perhaps several posts looking back at the election. There is no point in this post going over the fine detail of the election win as umpteen media reports have done just that. Here we focus on other things, we might call it the back story.

Election day is here!

Don't forget to vote today! Vote Raaj Shamji, vote Conservative.



Another message from Raaj Shamji

The past few weeks campaigning in Perry Barr been an absolute pleasure. I have met so many wonderful people from across all sides of our amazing community. Whether they have agreed with my party affiliation or not, our conversations have been interesting and respectful.

The NHS, more than a political football

And so to the third and final part of our analysis of the Labour party leaflet that has been delivered to Perry Barr. In this part we deal with the NHS. But first we remind ourselves that for Labour the NHS has always been their favourite political football.

The second part of our analysis

And so to the second part of the analysis of the Labour party leaflet that has been delivered in Perry Barr. It has to be said it's all so juvenile, take the bit about the TV licence.

Is it relevant?

Keen eyed residents of Perry Barr will have noticed there is an election soon! Suddenly political parties are setting out their policies and leaflets appear on doormats. Khalid Mahmood, the incumbent Labour MP is, like his party, always entertaining.

Skills gaps and jobs

The skills of the future cannot be nurtured by dinosaur policies from the past. In my job as a Development Manager at Birmingham City University, an institution forged in the heart of Perry Barr I might add, I come into contact with a huge range of employers and young people.