The choice tomorrow

With voting to begin at 7am on Thursday, opinion polls say the election is too close to call - the Conservatives need 9 more seats for a majority, but opposition parties only need to make 12 gains to prolong the chaos and uncertainty of a hung parliament.

Another message from Raaj Shamji

The past few weeks campaigning in Perry Barr been an absolute pleasure. I have met so many wonderful people from across all sides of our amazing community. Whether they have agreed with my party affiliation or not, our conversations have been interesting and respectful.

Vote on Thursday to break the gridlock

Two days before polling day, the Prime Minister is taking nothing for granted - whilst the Conservatives only need to gain 9 seats to get an overall majority, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP only need to gain 12 more to put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street at the head of a coalition with

The NHS, more than a political football

And so to the third and final part of our analysis of the Labour party leaflet that has been delivered to Perry Barr. In this part we deal with the NHS. But first we remind ourselves that for Labour the NHS has always been their favourite political football.