Pleas help a local museum

On this site in another post, 22nd September, we drew attention to the wonderful museum at Wythall, but they have a problem and need your help. Unlike other cities in the UK, Birmingham City Council have made no provision for exemption for historic vehicles when the new traffic restrictions come into force. Senior Conservatives disagree with this as then Wythall  cannot continue to offer their popular rides on historic buses on their open days. The restrictions are related to the clean air zone, so how ironic that Wythall has one of the finest collections of historic electric vehicles in the UK. Like most of these museums Wythall is always struggling to find the money to pay for the upkeep of the collection. The idea that their buses should pay the zone levy is foolish as it restricts their public profile and thus income and income is essential even thnough they do not run their buses for profit.

They have a petition, perhaps you could sign it?