The public support the PM

For our new Prime Minister Boris Johnson the most important thing to do is to get the UK out of the EU by Oct 31st. By contrast the most important thing for David Cameron is to sell his book. For the former his sense of public duty is that, after more than three years, he must act on the public's wishes to leave the EU; we have waited long enough. The PM has also made plain his determination to do this regardless of what his political enemies may throw at him. The enemies of the PM are those who would stand in the way of  giving the public what they voted for, it's called democracy. The most notable group standing in the way are the so called, 'rebels'. These people cannot be unaware of the passage through Parliament of the legislation to  leave the EU and the cross party support for it. That at this late stage they have decided to try to turn, No Deal, into No Brexit is reason enough for the PM to regard them as his opposition, no matter what party they represent. Extracts from the Cameron book so far made public show he is a poor judge of important matters, not least the public mood. So much for the enemies of the PM but who are his friends?  His friends are the public who have seen in Boris Johnson the leader who will put them and their country first.