Trust Boris

Assailed on all sides our PM, Boris Johnson, continues to make waves and is popular with, 'the man on the Clapham Omnibus'. In a recent communication to all Chairmen the PM wrote:

'Our membership is growing every day. Have you ever thought about asking a friend to join the Conservative Party?'

He has a point, the public can see beyond the petty games played by other Leaders on behalf of the EU. The public also know that for many sections of the media a 'disaster' is an ideal basis for a story. Yes things do go wrong, but the PM continues to work towards the best outcome for the UK at all times. This is why the PM is trusted. So ask around your friends and family. You are not begging them to join so much as offering an opportunity to be on the right side and the winning side. Give it a go?

Footnote – the phrase, the man on the Clapham Omnibus, is often used in a legal context to suggest typical normality of thought. The picture is of a 1913 Tilling Stevens bus that was used in Birmingham until 1924. It's now part of the Wythall Transport Museum, Chapel Lane, Wythall, Worcestershire, B47 6JA.



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