Update & AGM


It's been a long time since the last post on this blog, and the reason for that? We have been very busy

with admin jobs, tidying up after the election, and local work. But a lot has happened in that time. How funny it is to look back to January 31st, the day we left the EU. Despite all the hype from Remainers the sky did not fall in! Yes it's true we still have the negotiations ahead and that won't be easy. But then staying in the EU would have brought its own problems for us, something the Remainers like to overlook. Things were going well then along came coronavirus. This will have a huge impact upon the UK. In the past governments have had to deal with unforeseen events and it falls to our PM, Boris Johnson, to deal with this. We wish him well for the sake of us all.

At last we have a date and place for the AGM.It will be held at St Andrews Community Centre – College Road/Somerset Road – Handsworth – B20 2HX on March 27th starting at 7.00pm. You are welcome to attend, however, we will be electing officers for the constituency association so attendees wishing to take part in the voting must bring a valid membership card and one form of photo ID bearing their address. If you wish to put yourself forward for election please contact me as soon as possible, AND BEFORE THE 20th March, and I will outline the procedure involved.