We all pull together

They say a week is a long time in politics. The PM was a week in hospital with Covid-19 symptoms but is now recovering at Chequers; he seemed very well when he made his 'thank you' podcast. But what a week it has been. Some foolish people continue to ignore common sense and behave irresponsibly but then some public servants also seem to lack a sense of proportion. However, generally the public are showing tolerance and wisdom by being sensible. The PM was quick to praise the Nation for its stoicism. Some sections of the media have used the last week to:'think aloud'. For example: was Dominic Raab up to the job standing in for Boris Johnson? In a word yes! It was simple really in that Raab has a very different personality to Johnson but he is capable and will do the job,as will Priti Patel who has come forward while the PM is recovering. In fact the Government has breadth and depth, the PM and the whole nation can rely on that. So is the end of this pandemic in sight? No,not at all, but much as the PM recovered so will the UK. However, Covid-19 will have changed many things not just in the UK but across the world. We can deal with that too, one step at a time. Even so there is a trap waiting for any politician who tries to 'cash in' on the crisis. The public will not take kindly to those who in an attempt to,'raise their profile' write that,'South Boggshire stands firm in the face of Covid-19'. We are all familiar with the antics of back-benchers at PMQs with absurd 'planted' questions. It simply makes them look foolish. A sense of dignity and proportion is required, we all pull together in this until it's over.